Internship at Uhlig Vintage Cars

Internship in our workshop - due to popular demand
Do you need a break? Do you want to do something completely different, clear your head and do some physical work? Get out of your office job, into the workshop, get your fingers dirty?
Then come to us and immerse yourself in the world of "Luftis" - air-cooled Porsche vehicles - the fascination of real mechanical engines. Learn to repair instead of replacing, preserving instead of disposing! Sometimes it takes creative solutions, detective work and a lot of manual skills to find mistakes and get a vehicle back on the road. Sometimes it's just an oil change. And if you are lucky, you will experience how dusty barn finds come to life and shine in new splendor!
Whether you want to lend a hand yourself or simply want to watch with fascination - the one-week internship will be an experience anyway! And you will definitely take a few tricks and insider knowledge with you.
We offer you
• 5 days internship in our certified master workshop for historic vehicles
• Freely selectable amount of time within our opening times (for other activities or excursions)
• 5 nights with half board in a middle class hotel in our town
• Conveyance of basic to expert knowledge
• Craft activities in all trades, depending on your level of knowledge
• Enjoyment of historic Porsche vehicles
• Desire for workshop air
• Private liability insurance
• No special knowledge required
Price for a week off in a pure Porsche workshop:
2995.00 Euro p.p