Porsche 356 from 1948-1965


The body of the Porsche 356 has no detachable mudguards, everything is welded, and tin was used as filler material at that time. The professional restoration of the body is, therefore, very complicated and expensive. That's why many vehicles were filled with filler or only poorly repaired to save money.

To the obligatory points the front or also glasses are called, the trunk in the range of the battery, the front fenders to the A-column, the sills, the B-columns, the rear under the window, the admissions for the cross tube with the spring struts and the side walls in the engine compartment. The bottom plates and the V-strut in the stem are usually affected from below.

The pushrod engines of the Porsche 356 are very durable with regular maintenance. Oil loss or worn out throttle shafts of the carburetors are more the problem with the drivers.

Depending on the application, the heat exchangers are very susceptible as well as the steering and the brake drums installed in the Porsche 356 A and B cause quite high costs.