Porsche 911 F-Modell (Urmodell) from 1963-1973


The Porsche 911 F model needs the most attention. The engines new for Porsche with a high liter output and improper repairs are the most significant risks.

The lack of rust prevention and a nested body structure make the Porsche 911 F model very susceptible to rust. Corrosion blooms above all on the front of the car in the area of the mudguards, the upright plates, and the floor assembly. Often the A and B pillars at sill height are also attacked. The sill of the Porsche 911 F model itself, as well as the support tube that holds the rear axle suspension, are among the parts that are particularly susceptible to corrosion.

In general, the elaborately designed engine with eight plain bearings is good for mileages of over 200,000 kilometers without overhauling. Provided, it is carefully warmed up.

Worn timing chains (rattle noises) together with chain tensioners and broken studs belong to the typical Porsche 911 suffering, as do the rusted through expensive heat exchangers.