Precision - Perfection - Passion

The Porsche classics restored by Uhlig Vintage Cars reflect this philosophy with their meticulous attention to detail, original craftsmanship, and meticulous craft. The one hundred percent quality of the work is based on the know-how of our specialists, who deal exclusively with the restoration of high-quality Porsche classics of the air-cooled generation. The secret of success: everything from a single source, One Face To The Customer. All trades are carried out in our factory - a guarantee that we deliver only top work.


We offer you the following function: Vehicle check with over 30 positions General inspection, AU service, full report, value report Convertible top service Leather preparation Glass repair Air conditioning service Classics transports Storage of vehicles Accompaniment of vintage car rallies Oldtimer/youngtimer purchase advice, also on site Provision of a team vehicle with workshop equipment and assistance Also, we offer service contracts that are individually tailored to your car and range from simple inspection to maintenance work on all sections of the Vehicle.   We make it ready to go Automobiles - made by Porsche - are too bad for the garage. Their element is the road and the track. Whether at the Nürburgring in the Eifel or the Mille Miglia in Italy: Uhlig Vintage Cars technicians are there. With a service car and a team of specialists from Uhlig Vintage Cars, we offer a competent appearance at rallies and races: Whether it's merely changing candles or time-consuming mobilization - we're ready when our customers are on the lookout for laurels. From the professional race preparation of the technology up to the vehicle Bring and collection service.

Engines / Transmission repairs

Due to our specialization in air-cooled units, we know exactly where the weak points of the units lie. In case of complaints, we do distinguish between a repair, a partial, or full overhaul. In all cases, we can rework and eliminate weak points. We use high-quality materials and processing methods. Otherwise, we try to maintain or repair original parts after thorough analysis. To the aggregates belong the engines with all attachments, manual and automatic transmissions, as well as front axle transmissions and the steering.


It doesn't matter if it's a dent, a rockfall, a corroded spot, a full restoration, or just a disc repair, with us you get everything from a single source and with the highest quality standards. Since bodywork can be very complicated even on galvanized vehicles, we are happy to advise you on the scope of the work that is necessary to preserve your jewel for many years. We want to avoid that you will have to start the same repair again a few years later.


At Uhlig Vintage Cars, your "Porsche" will be serviced beyond the given regulations. With increasing age, a few more positions are necessary so that your vehicle can reliably meet the conditions of everyday life. By the way, what many do not know, or even only neglect. The double ignition distributor DZV also has to be serviced every 80,000 km or eight years to avoid severe engine damage. Air conditioning systems, which are also included in the scope of maintenance, can be converted from refrigerant R12 to R134a with little effort. Please take advantage of our service and know-how and request a concrete offer. So that you also have long-term fun with your vehicle.


Uhlig Vintage Cars stands for perfection through specialization. More than two decades of experience are available for your "project." Whether you want to preserve value or carry out an essential restoration including complete paint stripping with subsequent cathodic dip painting (KTL). We advise you in detail and competently regarding the type and extent of the work. Regardless of this, customers of Uhlig Vintage Cars have a competent contact person for restorations and repairs, for purchases and sales, for accessories/accessories or individual conversions and special requests.


We cultivate a cooperative partnership with saddlers who already worked on Porsche vehicles in Weissach at that time. Today they restore the entire interior to its original condition. Individual solutions can also be offered with the finest materials. This also applies to the convertible roofs.

Mechanical workshop

Manufacture and processing of spare parts which are too weak in design or no longer available are designed and manufactured in-house.

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