Porsche 993 from 1993- 1998


On the body side, the fully galvanized 993 rarely causes problems with reasonable care and rare winter operation. Other critical areas are the upright plates, the longitudinal members in the rear area, hood edges, and door floors. The corners of the front and rear windscreen ends are also very vulnerable due to damage to the zinc coating and moisture.

As with the Porsche 964, the mechanics of the air-cooled six-cylinder boxer are quite robust with regular maintenance standards. These should include valve clearance control, maintenance of the dual ignition distributor, replacement of the timing chain slide rails. Nevertheless, the following areas can cause problems even with low mileages: Petrol pump relays and other electrical/electronic components, air conditioning/control, leaking steering gears, worn chassis bushings, engine, and gearbox suspensions, oil loss on the engine, especially in the chain box and valve cover areas, as well as worn valve guides.